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Design is not art
Design is all about the balance between a nice look and an easy to use, responsive and readable layout. On the web it's also important that designs are well optimised for transmission over the Internet which is only ever as fast as the slowest link between two places.

You'll be glad to know we have a wealth of experience in both traditional design and adapting these skills to the web. The Internet is the primary medium that we design for and producing a great result on that medium requires the skills and experience that very few companies have. We like to think that we belong to that small group.

When completing design work your company we aim to produce an good-looking, responsive and well laid out design optimised fully for the target medium.
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Banner Design
If you've managed to use the internet and you haven't been swamped by banners you've done well. Today banners are all over the place advertising this and that, trying to trick the surfer to get a click!

We don't agree with this strategy, it doesn't even work very well anymore, people switch off to all these "in your face" adverts.

However, if you use banners in a controlled and simple way, you can greatly increase on people visiting your site, and not only looking at what you have to offer but also buying.

We can create the type of fast downloading and good looking banners that you need to get your message across...
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Web Design
If your website is too plain, it probably won't grab enough attention. If it's too graphical then you might lose customers because they can't find the information they need or they just get bored of waiting for it to download.

There is a balance and we can help find that for your company on-line.
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Image Design
The attraction of the image you present to your visitors on the web and its ability to communicate your company's vision will ultimately determine the success of your web site.

We can help you by giving you general design advice on your company's image as well as more specific advice and designs which are tailored to fit a web environment.
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Flash Design
Flash (tm) is a format created by Macromedia which has become the web standard for creating complex interaction and animation within a web site.

We have spent a lot of time working with Flash, creating anything from small games and banners for marketing campaigns, up to complete sites for small or corporate businesses.
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Optimisation is the key to a responsive web site; a poorly optimised site can lose you business and turn your visitors off, sending them to your competitor's sites.

We can optimise the images, the programming code, the sites HTML and the database as well as the hosting links so that everything about your site performs as fast as it can.

This is sometimes good if you are upgrading an old site we can use all your existing content and turn it into something special. Get in touch with us if you want to find out more about what we can do to make your site more efficient and more usuable whilst still complying with the relevant standards.
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