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Domain Name Management Company

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Elementary! My Dear Watson!
We do so much research on the net that we have begun to take on detective projects. It all started as a bit of fun like most of our services until we got quite good at it, and now companies actually pay us to play detective.

It's all highly confidential of course and the main tasks we have been working on so far is tracking down computer criminals and pirates on the world wide web for software companies. We have also worked to research company directors and companies themselves for potential buyers and rivals so they can assess subjects without becoming directly involved.

We're happy to quote on a bespoke basis for any type of investigative project and using tools and a variety of information sources both on and offline we can deliver your company with useful intelligence data to your own specification.

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People research
People leave foot prints every day; records and data are collected about all of us and it's difficult to do anything in modern society without leaving a trace.

We have become quite good at reading the data and making sense of it to help people and companies alike find out more about people they are need information on from all over the world.
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Company research
Thinking about buying a competitor or another company from a totally different sector? Want to find out if your suppliers or your next major client is credit worthy? Are they making money on the Internet?

All these situations are times when you should get some expert advice and times when we can help. We go further than just providing a credit rating we can provide detailed histories of company directors and their interests and connections as well as a whole range of other useful information helping you to assess risk and get an edge in the business world.
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