Domain Name Management Company
Domain Name Management Company

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Defending your rights
Once you have identified a potential abuse or breach of your rights on the Internet stopping it can be a difficult and sensitive task. With your brand at stake the risks couldn't be higher so you need to make sure you have a professional and competent partner to work with you in negotiation and recovery as well as someone to help put a stop to any illegal action. [ Domain name recovery ]
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[ Legal & research ]
Domain name recovery
We have an in depth knowledge of the naming rules around the world having helped in a number of disputes involving some of the worlds largest companies. We work with leading specialists in the legal field to help recover your domains if they are being used against the terms they were registered under.

We can ensure that you are properly prepared by doing research and advising you on the local rules for each domain name extension. We are also available to negotiate as a third party on your behalf with the owners of domain names.

Please contact us with details of your dispute for specific advice in relation to your own circumstances.
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ISP Liaison
If an ISP is hosting illegal of defamatory content it is likely you want that content removed very quickly especially if it relates to you. We are often in contact with ISP's advising them where content on their servers is in breach of their own acceptable use policies or even illegal. We can often work with ISP's to help quickly remove illegal content from the web that is damaging your products.

Get in touch to discuss your specific needs in more detail.
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