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Keeping an eye out for you
Having spent sometimes unquantifiable sums promoting your companies branding in order to increase consumer loyalty and maintain a leading position within your market you should seriously consider spending some time monitoring any attempts to pass off as your brand by rogue traders or even worse infringement of your rights.

We can be your eyes on the web and help you combat any infringements working with your own legal experts to provide up to date information on infringements that we find on the web and how to tackle them, just read on to find out more.
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Domain name management
With a wealth of domain name management experience our consultants can help you to protect your domain names all over the world advising you on risk in particular areas and ensuring that you have registered and kept registered your full portfolio of domain names. We can also help you to consolidate all your domains in to one provider so that you can use us as your single point of contact for billing and administration of your domains worldwide. Please contact us and one of our domain name consultants will call you to discuss your requirements. [ Back to top ]
Internet brand watch
Watching your brand on the Internet is a full time job we can help you with this by arranging regular research sessions where we will search the net for your company to look for possible infringements of your brand on internet services like newsgroups, the WWW and FTP sites. By keeping to a vigilant schedule of monitoring your brand on the Internet, we can help your company to reduce the risk of people passing off or diluting trademarks of your organisation. We can also advise on appropriate action should we find any offending data on the Internet. We will help limit the damage to your brand that illegally published material can cause. [ Back to top ]

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