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Domain Name Management Company

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If the paint's wet, we tell you!
It would seem obvious to most people that if you just painted, you put up a sign to let people know about it but on the Internet we constantly see companies giving bad advice or failing to advise their clients where necessary.

With DNMS things are different. We promise not to advise you unless we know exactly what we are talking about, and if we do have any doubts about our advice we will make them clear to you. In the most part though our wealth of experience means we can help with most problems on the Internet.

It's this approach that has gained us enormous respect from a growing list of large corporations looking to act fast and make the right decisions in relation to their Internet strategy; after all we don't want you getting paint on your best clothes.
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Online trading
If you're already trading on the Internet you might be finding it difficult to make a splash. Without the right help on your team we find this is often the case. But don't worry we can help you turn you web site around, in fact we help companies do it every day.

From helping you with legal requirements and preparing terms, to setting up reliable hosting and consolidating your domain name portfolio right through to full project management - we are here to make sure you get your site making money. In fact if your problem is anything to do with Internet business we can help just get in touch with us and let us know what's going wrong.
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Idea validation
So you've spend the last month planning the latest Internet venture to turn your companies recent fall in sales around but you don't want to present it to the board until it makes perfect sense and more importantly you want to make sure its going to work when you launch it.

We can help you and we will even do it free of charge if you are going to let us bid for all or part of the project if it is approved. In essence the service we will provide could be ongoing consultation to help you refine your ideas to the point where they are ready to present for investment or approval or a detailed report of the feasibility of your idea based on our experience.

With our help you can turn your idea into a winning plan and then turn that plan into a successful business. Just get in touch to find out more.
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Bespoke consulting
Your idea's different, you have special requirements?

We know you do; every project is different that's why all our services are flexible we want to make sure our solutions fit your company and work with you so that they do. We offer bespoke consulting at a competitive day rate depending on your requirements and we can help you do almost anything on the Internet; get in touch with us if you want to discuss your requirements.
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