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Search Engine Marketing
The Internet is an awesome sales medium for any company and our search marketing expertise will help your company get the biggest slice of the action.  

Last year our five most successful search
engine clients received a total of over 15,000
sales generated entirely from Internet

When you consider this figure has grown tremendously this year and that all of the five have built their businesses in no small part on the success of our online promotion, we think you'll agree this makes us one of the most experienced companies to advise on and handle your online promotion spending.  

If you already have a brand we can
strengthen it and put you in front of more
buyers. If not we can help you
build one.

Whichever way we help, we can give you the chance to compete on a level footing with the giants of your industry. Below we have more detail on the main search engine promotion services we can provide and why they matter.  

[ Keyword analysis ]
[ Content & Navigation ]
[ Link popularity ]
[ Expert submission ]
[ Domain and hosting ]

[ Internet Promotion ]
Keyword analysis
How do you know what keywords to target? That is a very important question that should be seriously considered by any company looking to optimise your site. You will know what keywords describe your business and we know what keywords people are searching on the Internet because we buy the data from the search engines.

Our experts can match the two together and prepare you a report in just 1 hour. This will give you an idea of phrases that people are searching for that are relevant to your business and roughly how much traffic you could expect to come to your site for each phrase.

This service costs just $50 and you can:

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to send us more detail about your business and order it right now. If you purchase our other search engine services we include this report free of charge or we will refund you if you decide to purchase further services from us.

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Content advice and site navigation
When you are writing any web site you need a range of skills, a copywriter, a designer and a good source of content. However, a search engine optimisation expert is also a vital component and is often overlooked (mainly because many people don't yet understand search engines.)

We have this expertise and can provide search engine consultancy working with our own copywriters and designers or yours we can play an important part in ensuring that your site is search engine friendly as well as having a great design and interesting content.

Your site also needs to be easy to navigate and the pages with the best content need to be in the right places within your site structure to get them maximum exposure from the search engines.

Our rates are just $300 per day for search engine consultancy and typically we would be able to advise on around 10 pages per day depending on your site so it is not a huge expense for any business but one that is critical to get right if you want to be found.

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Link popularity
One of the main tasks a modern search engine like Google or performs is the creation of huge link maps. These maps allow the search engines to determine how relevant a page is by adding in a factor called link popularity.

This means that if a site links to you it counts like a vote for your page from them; in the eyes of the search engine the page that is linking to you approves of your content. They way they link to you is also important and the overall popularity and your sites standing within the web as a whole can all be measured, evaluated and improved with our advice.

We specialise in approaching sites on your behalf and forming partnerships or preparing lists of targets with whom you might exchange links or partner in some other way to increase relevant visitors to your site and improve your link popularity.

Some of the sites we have worked on so far have achieve inbound linking pages in excess of 10,000 other sites making them the most popular sites on the web in their area.

Achieving these results is really dependant on your site and so the pricing can vary dramatically depending on this but our rates start from $300 per day.

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Expert submission
Many of our staff work in their spare time for two open directory projects which accept sites in thousands of different categories for review. The idea is that tens of thousands of Internet enthusiasts around the world review and approve listings into these massive directories.

The data from these directories is then used by Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista and hundreds of others.

Because we edit these directories we have a wealth of experience writing descriptive titles and getting listings quickly approved which makes all the difference when your site is submitted.

In fact one of the first things we tell our clients is that it is critical that submission of their site is handled professionally. If it isn't it can take years to get your site listed in the major engines and could spell disaster for your site.

Submission of one site usually takes us around a day in total including preparation of a description and actual submission to the relevant search engines. This costs just $300 plus any third party fees from search engines you choose to list which charge for inclusion.
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Domain and hosting advice
The right domain is another important part of search engine promotion; indeed some search engines make use of key terms within domain names. It is not uncommon for us to register around 10 different domains for clients when promoting their site not only to protect their brand but also for use on special projects like mini sites.

It is also important that you choose the right hosting. We secure a new IP address for all our clients to ensure that your site is not detrimentally affected by other sites using the same IP; this is a problem which can occur on shared web servers.

Typically you can expect to pay from around $500 - 5000 for your site hosting and your domain names per year (depending on the size of your site and where you would like it to be hosted.)
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