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Like most successful marketing campaigns, our Internet promotion services are not bound by the constraints of a set product offering. In fact there are two main areas of work where we always create custom projects for our clients.

Below we will tell you more about them and try to give you an idea of how we can make them work for your company. At all stages of the process, we can listen to your input and ensure the campaign is running according to your expectations as well as doing our best to ensure it is a creative and technical masterpiece.
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Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising. We have created campaigns with massive success rates of generating new business and we know the secrets of producing a great result.

We can help you compile opt-in lists of your clients; we can collate email addresses and contact details relative to your business. Once we have the targets we can help you manage them, ensuring the data you send to them is highly personalised and of interest to them. In this way you get the maximum response rate. We can also create sending tools to help your sales staff manage the email campaigns and the response you will get from them.

We do not help companies with non targeted mass email or participate in spam on the web so you can ensure your campaign will be in the best hands protecting your company's image throughout.
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Viral Campaigns
By letting us create your company a hilarious, shocking or thought provoking; animation, game or web page you can sponsor a part of Internet history and associate your brand with something everybody wants to see.

We can help with the hosting of the campaign and we have experience of dealing with ones that drive millions of hits in just days. We can put your message out to a select group of people who will forward if to their friends and colleagues if they like it quickly giving it a kick start.

Your company will benefit from association and also from the traffic and resultant sales a good campaign can generate.
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If you are interested to discuss working on a custom internet marketing project with us other than what we have described above we will be able to help you refine your idea and successfully implement it for maximum exposure and results on the web.

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