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Pay for profit
On the Internet the amount of information about products and services is huge. If you want to stand out from your competitors, one of the best ways to market yourself is through affiliation.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that with the right program you can attract big publishers to promote your web site and only pay them on performance.

Although some traditional publishers will insist that you pay to advertise with them there are plenty of enthusiast sites and other large sites who are willing to take a risk and only get paid if your campaign is successful on their site.

We have a great deal of experience in developing attractive affiliate programs and helping you market them to web site publishers. We can also develop the underlying tracking software and help you identify a list of target sites in your area who may be interested to be affiliated with your site.
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As with any campaign you need to plan how it will work and with our experience we will help you to address issues in relation to all of our services free of charge if you are buying the service before we commence work on building and promoting your affiliate program. [ Back to top ]
We have written detailed reporting software that allows you to launch very attractive affiliate programs to merchants. Some of the features we can offer you include:

Tracking of Impressions, Click throughs and Sales per affiliate

Residual Commissions
You can offer Residual Commissions so affiliates keep getting paid if their visitor buys more than once.

Stored Referrals
The affiliate's referrals are tied to their account for a 1 year period. That way if the referral decides to purchase within one year, the affiliate will still get paid.
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Click Me's!
Lots of web companies will design you a banner but we're different we get to know our customers business and we design adverts around that business. We also get to know the publishers that you advertise with and by doing this we produce a range of "Click Me's" for your business.

A "Click Me" is basically any form web content that would cause a user to click it because they are interested to find more about the site behind that content. On some sites you might advertise with big Flash campaigns and on others with banners and others with simple text links these are all Click Me's and they need to be right for your business as well as fit in on the site which is affiliated with you.

We can help you to design and maintain a range of adverts for your site and the products on it as well as maintaining them for you on an ongoing basis.
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There are a lot of loss making sites on the web with huge user bases, and that market right now is ideal for acquisition and partnership. With our extensive base of contacts and our emphasis on research we are continually identifying sites and we have built up a database of sites which we can help our clients to either acquire or establish a strategic partnership with.

In the current climate this method of customer acquisition is often much more cost effective than traditional marketing and if done properly with our expert researchers some of the deals we can help you establish for your company are excellent value.

From our experience well matched partnerships are the fastest way to increase business to your web site. Please contact us if you would like to find out about sites on our database that would be a good match for your company.
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Program promotion
Once you have your affiliate software in place and a range of click me's ready, along with a good offering you need to tell publishers about your program and get them signed up before you start making money.

We can work with you to drum up interest and advise on the best sites to target so you can get the highest returns. We can also work with you to get your program listed and reviewed on the various affiliate directories and sites to get you added exposure to millions of publishers all over the world.

Our experience in this area is vast and we are confident that with our help promoting your program you can avoid common pitfalls and make sure you build good relationships with web site publishers and get the maximum return on your investment.
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