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It's a wireless world

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Mobile telephony has boomed in recent years; according to Oftel 80% of UK homes have at least one mobile phone. It makes sense, therefore, to keep up with the times and explore any opportunities where you could use wireless technology to your advantage.

As you would expect, at DNMS we are one step ahead and our extensive in-house research and development ensures we are able to offer all the latest services.

We can help you keep in touch with your staff, promote new products to your customer base, bill for low value services via SMS and design you WAP compatible information pages for access on all WAP enabled phones all using innovative wireless technology.
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First time round WAP was a bit of a flop but we put that down to difficult to navigate WAP sites providing mostly useless information which were hard to find in the first place.

Even so we launched the first WAP domain name checking service back in 2000 and as pioneers of WAP technology we are well placed to help your company take advantage of the new opportunities WAP can offer with improvements in technology.
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Short message service was originally conceived to help engineers report line faults and nobody ever could have predicted the rate of usage it currently experiences. It has become nothing short of a communication phenomenon and when you think about it that makes perfect sense! How many times are there in a day when you just want to get a short message to someone quickly and cheaply?

At DNMS we are all about helping your company take advantage of this. We're looking to the future and helping build some really great SMS solutions to help companies all over the world do business faster, cheaper and more conveniently than ever before.

2-way SMS is where a mobile phone user can 'text' into a central number that then automatically processes the content as required. Voting on Big Brother is a good example of 2 way SMS. Of course, you don't need to have a house full of mad people to take advantage of SMS!
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Reverse Billing
Reverse billing gives you the ability to charge people by getting them to send you an SMS. Payment is swift and secure and will show directly on their phone bill or, on pay-as-you-go phones, reduce their balance accordingly. [ Back to top ]

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