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Poor computer security is costing companies across the globe billions in lost revenues every year and it's not going away. With more companies coming online before performing proper security audits on their systems the losses from computer crime are growing daily.

Most of the money is lost through theft of proprietary information and financial fraud if your organisation is subject to serious criminal attacks. With more small businesses coming online, most are an easy playground for juveniles on joy-rides in cyberspace who can cause considerable damage to unprotected computer networks.

With a range of motives and levels of ability petty computer criminals can be stopped with regular security monitoring from DNMS.
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When your company's computers are connected to the Internet it is imperative that you have them behind a properly configured firewall. This allows your company to access the required Internet services but prevents people from outside your network perimeter from accessing data inside your company network without your authorisation.

Because of the complications involved in networking some companies are installing a poorly configured firewall device which effectively makes it useless. With DNMS you can be sure we will work with your organisation to install a firewall or sets of firewall devices that help to protect your company's data whilst still allowing your staff full use to the required internet services.
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Software Updates
One of the most common problems with computer security is when an exploit for a particular piece of software is found it is quickly released to the computer security community.

This happens every day in the computer security world and computer criminals actively use this data to target computer systems.

Luckily, patches to update vulnerable software releases are normally quickly released following or even before exploits are published. This allows companies with a strict, well executed updates policy to greatly reduce the risk of exposure to computer crime.

DNMS can help your company develop effective update policies for your company and also help your company implement updates where necessary.
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When you are sending or storing confidential information in plain text it makes it very easy for anyone who gains access to the system storing that data to use it. The consequences of this can be damaging to your company in many ways and so it is imperative that you take action to protect any data that you consider private or confidential.

Many people think pass wording a word document or database provides adequate security and most are surprised to learn that cracking lots of common basic security features in software is very easy for any hacker with basic tools.

Strong encryption and well maintained access policies in your organisation are the only real way to properly protect your data in order to make it difficult for people to access without authorisation. DNMS can work with your company to develop and implement a system and strategy across your organisation to ensure your data is properly protected without making it too difficult for authorised parties to access it.
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Virus Checking
According to Sophos there are over 72,000 dangerous viruses in existence today and about 1000 new viruses appearing each month as of March 2002. The proliferation of a large number of viruses is down to weak Internet software and poor defences at the network borders of thousands of corporations using email everyday.

We can help you implement network virus checking for all your email at server level protecting your users and also help you deploy anti virus software throughout your organisation and ensure it is regularly updated to reduce the risk of contamination.
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