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Custom Programming

If you're not a technical person ...
... you might not be too interested in the specifics of what language we can program in but we think our programming ethos should be of interest to you.

Where we can, we write bespoke software; we do this because we are accountable, capable, and because we want the programs we write to grow with your company.
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We see software as a solution
Your software shouldn't be another headache for the people using it. That's why we work with your people to ensure we make software that does what they want it to and make sure it can be upgraded in the future to scale with your requirements.
We support the open source movement
This means our programmers let people use their code if they like it and thousands of other programmers around the world do the same for us.

Using and contributing to open source software allows us to quickly fix bugs in not only our own code but in the code of the critical applications on your server ensuring that your software is always the most efficient and secure version available.
The more technical bit...
PHP stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor"
(it's a self-referring acronym!).

This means that it does processing on 'Hypertext' (HTML) web pages before they are sent to the web site visitors (perhaps processing a credit card transaction, fetching data from a database, etc).

The Microsoft equivalent to PHP is ASP. Essentially, they perform the same roles but we find ASP is slower and less secure than PHP.

PHP can work on a Microsoft or Unix web server but we prefer to use a variant of Unix called Linux. Linux is a secure operating system with many advanced features making it the ideal choice for web applications and Internet servers.

We are partners with Zend (the developers behind PHP) and we regularly contribute to discussion about the language and write code to help further development and usage for PHP. If you are looking for a PHP application then you are most definitely in the right place, just get in touch!
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PERL stands for Practical Extraction and Reporting Language. It is an old language used since the early days of computer programming. We use PERL for specific tasks which include:

  • Database backup and recovery scripts
  • Automation of server-to-server encrypted communication
  • Collation and formatting of data from the Internet
  • Database optimisation scripts
We have found PERL useful to overcome problems which aren't always solvable in PHP. However, we tend to use it for the administration and back end tasks on a web server rather than to use on web pages themselves (as we prefer PHP for this.)
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We use JavaScript extensively to help optimise your web site for ease of use and give it extra functionality.

We create menus, news scrollers, interactive elements, calculators and many other useful tools in JavaScript to enhance your web site.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can improve your web site with JavaScript then please get in touch.
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Although we have done a few applications in JAVA, we are not keen on the language as we find that most common tasks can be achieved a lot quicker using the languages mentioned above.

We have written a chat client in Java though as an internal project and find it useful for some applications if it is used properly. Please contact us with details of what you want to achieve and we can discuss the options.
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Windows Programming
If you are using Windows and require a program to connect your computer to the web or interface from Windows to the web to perform specific functions, please get in touch.

We can create customised programs in Visual C++ and Visual Basic to solve your problems.
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We think the web is a wonderful place to store your data and that's the reason that most of our databases are web databases and is also why we use MySQL.

You can read a bit more about MySQL (a web database management system) later. But first of all let us explain our approach to databases.

A database is simply a store of data.

What we care about the most is how much data we can store for you and how best we can store it so you can get to it when you need it and quickly.

If you read on, you will see why we are acomplished with databases and why using us to help you manage your data will make your company more productive and more profitable whilst in no way compromising security.

Then you can get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.
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Database Design
Any good database design company will be able to normalise your data.

This is the process of sorting out what you are going to store and making sure you are not storing the same things multiple times in your database.

We are experts in database normalisation which means your database will be as small and as quick as possible.

We have come across some databases where we have been able to store the same data in a space 10 times smaller than it was being stored previously. Of course, all that wasted space was costing our client money.
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Database Optimisation
We can load your database into memory for better performance.

Most databases are run off Hard disk drives which are very slow to access in comparison. If your data doesn't change that much but gets queried a lot then you would benefit from having it loaded into memory.

This can increase the speed of access up to 50 fold in real terms.
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This is our database management system of choice.

MySQL is fast, powerful and has strong links with both PHP and Perl. It is also extremely stable and as with most Open Source projects, it is going from strength to strength.
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