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DNMS Hosting = No More Worries
If you want people to see your web site, it has to be hosted somewhere and if you want it to be hosted quickly it has to be hosted in the right place.

We host our client's sites in 3 main locations USA, INDIA and HONGKONG. We have a well balanced global network to ensure your sites experience virtually no downtime and that the visitors are served pages quickly and without errors.

Our servers are all protected by regular security updates, backups and performance monitoring; in fact we work around the clock to ensure your site is running at optimal performance all the time.

With the costs of hosting in-house and employing the necessary experts to monitor all aspects of the hosting operation remaining very high we have a range of solutions to help all types of business get their site on the web. Below you can read more about the services we can provide your company with

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Email Services
We can provide you with secure web mail access and pop3 email accounts for all your staff. Prices start from just $10 per box per year. [ Back to top ]
DNS Management
The Internet relies on domain name servers and when it comes to configuring and running them you need expert help. DNMS is affiliated with Direct-i Hostings, the DNS experts and with thousands of DNS zones under management we are well placed to ensure your servers are configured to be highly secure and extremely fast as well as configured properly.

This may sound obvious but according to our partners' extensive research, as of May 2002, 73.3% of .COM Zones are misconfigured. This causes performance degradation and can even stop access to vital services.
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Secure Hosting
As a Thawte approved hosting partner we are one of the few hosting organisations to be able to offer secure hosting services which are properly configured and that ensure trust and full strength encryption. We can install and configure approved secure certificates as well as take care of the administration for you with the minimum of hassle.

We can also advise you on database, email and application encryption to ensure your data is further protected in the unlikely event your server was compromised.
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Secure Online Payment
We are able to integrate secure payment software in to your server so that your site can accept secure payments with low fees and start-up costs straight in to your merchant services account.

Accepting payment on the Internet is again an area where we benefit from a wealth of experience. Having helped to process tens of thousands of transactions we can help you put in place measures to minimise fraud and ensure your customers' details are encrypted for transmission and securely processed at all steps of the buying process on your site.
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Application Hosting
If you have an intensive application or database system we can help you design and deploy a hosting cluster to handle the load and advise you on the amount of processing power and memory you will require in your servers.

We have had extensive experience in hosting sites with just a small number of visitors right through to sites with over 2.3 million unique visitors per month and sites executing an average of 8 database searches per second on huge datasets every 24 hour period.

We are confident this experience allows us to give you the best advice when you need to host your site with a reliable provider and that it is something most hosts have not dealt with.
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Database Hosting
We can host your database online and in most cases we can help to optimise the table structure and configuration to ensure optimal performance which is especially important if you have large data sets or a large user base accessing the information. With our experience there are a whole range of tweaks that we can perform to make sure you get the best response from your data when you host on our servers. [ Back to top ]
DNMS has a wide range of hosting solutions to suit your needs. From the smallest one-page site to a huge million visitor, database driven monster, we can help you. Our prices start from $20 per year but each requirement is different so why not contact us today and we will give you a personalised quote. You can be rest assured though that whatever the price you will benefit from our wealth of experience and our responsive dedicated and friendly support. [ Back to top ]

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